Monday, September 18, 2006

The Toll Road "Hustle" Continues...
Believe it or not, toll roads are here already!

By Peter Stern

Even though most Texans don't want toll roads officials will open them in November. The temporary "free" [no tolls] promo is another con game so that once drivers use the new roads, they won't go back to using the old roads when the tolls become enforced.

"Free" toll roads bodes a good game plan for the November elections.

Supposedly voters won't get angry until the tolls are charged sometime after the elections.

While many Texans don't know the history of the extremist politics behind toll roads, they have "bought into" the misleading information provided by the governor's office and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) --- that toll roads are the only and/or best way to build, operate and maintain Texas roadways and that the state hasn't the tax funds to finance new and/or to improve old roadways.

BTW, there is no proof whatsoever that the proposed toll roads will ease-up traffic, in fact, most toll roads cause additional problems.

In truth, toll roads are one of the LEAST cost-effective methods of collected taxes for building and maintaining roadways, whereby up to 50-percent of all tolls collected immediately go to the private company that manages the toll roads.

To get its contract with the state CINTRA, the Spanish world-wide toll maven, agreed to pay TxDOT (the state) $7.2 BILLION upfront for its 70-year toll road supremacy in Texas.


It's doubtful because TxDOT and CINTRA have filed a lawsuit against the Office of the Attorney General, who stated that CINTRA's contract should be open to the public under the laws of the Public Information Act. The lawsuit states that TxDOT wants to protect its client CINTRA under the Privacy Act, citing that other toll companies may gain an edge if the information becomes public.

If you believe that one, I have some ocean-front property in Central Texas I'll sell you at a fantastic price!

Believe whatever you want about the pending toll roads, but apparently toll roads have taken a life of their own when 90-percent of the public doesn't want them but officials are pushing them upon us anyway!

The only ones who truly benefit from toll roads are the governor's special interest campaign contributors and also legislators like Rep. Mike Krusee and his cohorts who already are getting something in return for their efforts!

We desperately need to vote-out Perry and special interest legislators in the next several elections!

By Peter Stern

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