Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is the Trans-Texas Corridor I-69 really on it's way?

Here's a picture our friend Nate* took today. They had these about every five miles up and down Hwy 183 and Hwy 77 down around the valley. The last one came from his photo shop. And here's a link that you can go to for a look at their bigger plans.

Pictures by Nate*

What concerns us is that the required TX-DOT public hearings are not over.

TX-DOT has made very little, to almost none, of this information about the roads they plan to build and the hearings available to the public when requested via the open records act.

They plan to remove farmers and ranchers from their land using eminate domain laws in HB 3588, and HB 2702.

As far as we know there has never been an election anywhere to decide that we want to build these routes, or that we want to have Trans-Texas Corridors for Texas.

And, Governor Rick Perry has signed an agreement with a Spanish corporation CINTRA, which to this day remains unavailable to the public for review.

Pictures by *Atten: Nate at GeorgeEliot2009@yahoo.com

George Eliot GeorgeEliot2009@yahoo.com


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