Friday, August 04, 2006

HANK GILBERT, Candidate for Ag. Commissioner Has Better Solution

While out on the road this past few weeks, I've been going to the TX-DOT hearings for NEPA--National Environmental Protection Act, to find out what the local people, the farmers, and ranchers are saying about how the Trans-Texas Corridor will impact their lives, their businesses, and their environment. I've been there to learn, to listen, and to meet folks who see lots of problems with this proposed (1200+ ft.) over sized pork trough, and to find out who's running for office that might offer some solutions.

As I consider myself to be an independent voter, trying not to endorse one party over another, I just look for the best qualified candidate who will work for the best interests of the people of Texas. At some of the hearings I met, and heard speak, a fellow named Hank Gilbert, Democratic Candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, who clearly says in his speeches "No Toll Roads, and No Trans-Texas Corridor, and No (NAIS)---National Animal Identification System." Folks are saying there are other good reasons he may make a good Agriculture Commissioner.

Hank Gilbert's Republican opponent, Todd Staples authored the Trans-Texas Corridor legislation (HB 3588) along with some other not-so-honest guys that will make sure YOU drive home on a toll road. From the way the testimony is going at the TX-DOT hearings, no one wants the toll roads, or the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), or the abuses of eminate domain that the bill packs with it. Imagine paying more than $18/day just to drive to and from work. And, believe me, folks in the rural areas have a lot of expensive driving to do these days.

But, that's the Staples and Perry TTC plan for transportation, to take it out of the hands of Texas families who have owned it for generations, and to long-term-lease this big tract of Texas land to a private corporation, part of it originating in Spain (CINTRA-Zachery).

Here's more of what Hank Gilbert is saying, and Fred Head, Candidate for Comptroller of Public Accounts Agrees!

  • Toll Roads cost too much, do too little.

  • Family farms torn apart by the hundreds of thousands of acres changed from agriculture to toll roads.

  • Increases property taxes for everyone in the State of Texas. Toll roads destroy the existing taxable land, driving up taxes for everyone whose land isn't taken by the State for the TTC.

  • Roads will be leased by a foreign company (CINTRA) with questionable finances for their exclusive benefit.

  • If the tolls don't pay enough to CINTRA, then Texas taxpayers will bear the burden.

  • Land for toll roads will be taken from private property owners, destroying family farms and residences in their path.

  • Toll roads will hurt small businesses who can't afford to relocate or pay a massive concession to CINTRA.

  • TTC will destroy agriculture, one of the backbones of the Texas economy, by making it impossible for farmers and ranchers to obtain financing.

Hank Gilbert, Democratic candidate for Agriculture, says his solution is better. He proposes:
  • Widen existing federal highways with federal dollars.

  • Keep existing business in our towns and cities alive.

  • Destroys no farmland since the right of way is already owned by the State

  • No tolls required.

  • Safer and better for the environment.

'Ol George

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